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Kamco CF90

“One Powerful Machine”. Certified Power Flush Engineers.

We power flush heating systems with minimal dismantling, by circulating water and flushing chemicals at high velocity, then purging the dirty water from the system with a high flow of fresh, clean water. Radiators may be individually flushed without removing or disconnecting them from the heating system.

We use latest technologies to perform this service  efficiently and thoroughly. Thats why we use Kamco Clear flow CF90 Quantum power flushpump which can deliver 150l/min flow. The flow rate is achieved without increasing maximum pressure beyond 1.8 bar, to ensure that no damage will be done to a heating system.The flow rate is more than double that of most power flushing pumps on the market, enabling it to remove more debris from a system and in less time.

Our Power flush service is carried out by one of our central heating specialists, that work on gas boilers and central heating systems regularly. This is to ensure that no damage is caused to your existing central heating system.

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Why Power Flush?

Power Flushing (also known as Jet Flushing or Hard Flushing) is a method used to clean heating systems forcibly by using high velocity water at low pressure to avoid damaging the system. Central heating system become contaminated with rust, sludge and other debris because of internal corrosion. This build up can cause circulation and noise issues within your boiler. We recommend power flushing to reduce premature failures of boilers and heating system components. This also increases system efficiency which decrease your fuel bills and energy consumption.

MagnaClean “Protecting Boilers”

Although today’s boilers are the most efficient ever, their narrow waterways make them more vulnerable to the damaging effects of black iron oxide sludge, corrosion and other debris. Even an A-rated boiler will deteriorate rapidly if it’s fitted to a dirty heating system that hasn’t been flushed effectively and doesn’t benefit from chemical treatment and a quality filter for ongoing protection.

Gone are the days of ‘fit and forget’. Who wants their customers to forget about them? Installers need to be remembered by their customers for all the right reasons: offering reliable expert, advice; making recommendations that will protect their investment and save them money; demonstrating fast and effective results; and being readily available for an annual service.

Thats why we recommend you protect you boiler simply by getting a MagnaClean or a unit of your preference fitted to your boiler.